About Discovery Charter School

Discovery Charter School, located in the West Parkside area of the city, is surrounded by beautiful, scenic Fairmount Park. It serves over 800 students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Now in its twelfth year, Discovery has a professional, support and volunteer staff of 100 persons.DCS building

Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower children to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that will make them lifetime learners and engage them in opportunities where they can put them into practice.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to connect what is learned in the classroom to the real world. The learning program provides extensive opportunity to make education relevant through “discoveries outside the classroom”. Through an expeditionary learning approach, educational concepts are made concrete and reinforce the necessary relationship between actual experience and education.

Our Motto

“Where education is not just preparation for life, but life itself ”

Administration Team

Bilal Bey – Climate Control

Khailiah Canada – Principal

Tonia Elmore – Operations

Pam Evans – Community Outreach

Ashley Philipps – Special Education



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2016-2017 School Year Welcome Message from our CEO

Dear Discovery Charter School Families,

Welcome to the opening of what promises to be a wonderful school year!  At this time of the year, there is great anticipation of what is to come, and I am as excited as Discovery’s teachers, children, and parents.  Together, teachers, students, and parents/guardians make a strong Discovery family.  There will be some new and familiar faces as we have added to and made changes to our staff. We will have five third grade classes this year. There are now four members of our climate team to ensure appropriate student behavior which is a component of academic success. We now have a behavioral health worker to support students with challenging needs and many more exciting changes and additions. We appreciate your support as your child enters the classroom, learns, and grows through the year.  Let’s all commit to have a good school year, setting everyone, students, as well as teachers, up for success. Keeping both students and teachers first!

Throughout the year I look forward to meeting the new members of our community and connecting with returning community members. I encourage families to get to know each other so that we can build new friendships and support each other as the need arises.  You will have a great opportunity to meet new people and see old friends and school family at the Annual Back to School Night.  This is the time when parents/guardians will meet in the classrooms with teachers and learn about grade level curriculum, projects, and expectations. Find out if your child was Advanced or Proficient last year with the new Common Core standards and if not what you can do to support this for the upcoming year as this determines their high school choice. The Principal, Ms. Canada will kick off the Back to School evening and will be walking around sharing some of our exciting upgrades and changes as we raise the bar this year. Don’t forget to join the PTA; information to be forthcoming. Once membership list is posted for the PTA we will start the process of elections in October.

Some things to look out for when coming to the building this year are the new mural, by the gym entrance done by our very talented Art teacher, Mr. Adger. We are having a new playground installed on October 21st, designed by staff, parents, and students this summer and sponsored by Target. Also our 8th grade class will be traveling to Australia in May and so much more.

A few things to make our year go more smoothly – first, please help us to be good neighbors.  Make sure to park legally; be aware of blocking driveways. Another way to help our year go smoothly is to check out the Discovery Charter School website weekly. This year it will be updated weekly and in emergency situations immediately.  It’s been updated and has information you need to keep on top of what’s happening at school.  Check it out!  And finally, school begins at 7:45am for Middle (6-8) and 8:30 am for Primary (k-5).  You set your child up for success by getting him/her to school on time, ready to learn and in full uniform. There will be severe consequences for both infractions if this does not occur. You will get information on other new and modified student policies during the first month of school. Some of which pertain to the Zika virus, transgender students, and school closures for the Muslim Eid, all mandated by the PA Department of Education.

We are ready to begin the 2016-2017 school year. The teachers have put a lot of time and energy getting ready for the year.  Having spent a lot of time up here this summer, I was impressed to see the dedication of our administrative and 12-month staff, preparing all summer for the school year as a team.  At Discovery, the staff, faculty, and administration are honored that you entrust us with your precious ones. The hours that your children are with us each day are so important.  Here’s to a great school year! Welcome Back!!


Nina Brevard

Nina D. Brevard, MSR, M.Ed.
Chief Executive Officer
Discovery Charter School


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DCS Student Admissions Timeline

October 1st

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for 2017 – 2018 Year

March 31st

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for 2017 – 2018 Year

April 16th

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Academics at Discovery Charter School

Here at Discovery Charter School our first priority are Academics. We strive to provide your child with the highest rigorous instruction while following the Common Core Standards. Today’s students are preparing to enter a world in which colleges and businesses are demanding more than ever before. To ensure all students are ready for success after middle school, the Common Core State Standards establish clear, consistent guidelines for what every student should know and be able to do in Math and English Language Arts from Kindergarten through 8th grade. We look forward to you partnering with us to assure your child is getting the best instruction in school and at home. We are proud to say that we are Keeping Kids First By Any Means Necessary!!

Support Discovery Charter School!

We are asking that every family make a pledge to contribute to our Capital Campaign Fund in whatever amount that is most suitable to your budget. All of those that have walked through our doors have seen the spectacular Donor’s Tree in the main lobby. You may have wondered how your family or corporation could be commemorated as a DCS supporter. Contributors have their names engraved on a stone for a donation of $100-$500. Donors of $500-$1,000 receive an engraved leaf. The top tier of contributors, donating $1,000 and over, are honored with an engraved dove. Pledge cards are available at the front desk for individual donations. Corporate donations can be made through the office of Pamela Evans, School and Community Liaison. Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

Capital Campaign Fund Committee