We’ve Moved!!

We’ve Moved!!

We moved to a brand new facility 4700 Parkside Avenue. We opened the doors of our new facility on September 3, 2013!


Mon – Thurs 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Friday  CLOSED


Discovery Charter School

Discovery Charter School, located in the West Parkside area of the city, is surrounded by beautiful, scenic Fairmount Park. It serves approximately 760 students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Now in its tenth year, Discovery has a professional, support and volunteer staff of 100 persons.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower children to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that will make them lifetime learners and engage them in opportunities where they can put them into practice.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to connect what is learned in the classroom to the real world. The learning program provides extensive opportunity to make education relevant through “discoveries outside the classroom”. Through an expeditionary learning approach, educational concepts are made concrete and reinforce the necessary relationship between actual experience and education.

Our Motto

“Where education is not just preparation for life, but life itself ”